You can create heaven or you can create havoc with your words. You can dig your own grave with your words or you can come out from the mouth of dead with your words. Biblical Confession is to say the same thing as another – that is God’s Word. Say and acknowledge what God said about us.

Biblical confession is not to refuse or deny what God has said. Biblical Confession is to declare openly what God has said. What you say, makes differences in your life. Your words have creative power when spoken with faith consistently. The life you are now living, was created by the words you spoke about yourself in the past and the life you will live. Tomorrow will be determined by the words you speak today.

The kind of faith that overcomes, is the kind of faith that never gives up saying what God has said. Don’t be yourself, be like Jesus. In order to receive answers to our prayers, our prayers should align with God’s Word. God’s word has the power of creation.

Everything God said and created is good and everything will come to pass. If you stand on nothing in a particular bible verse, that’s what you get nothing in particular. God framed the world by His words, hence you can frame your world by your words. Speak in line with the Word of God. Hold fast to the Biblical confession.

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