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Rapture Mystery Revealed
There is a difference between the coming of Christ (rapture) and the day of the Lord and God will come like a thief in the day of the Lord and...
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Prepared for Jesus coming
Believe and live each day as if Jesus is coming today. Hence, your attitude will be different. Prepare in prayer, word of God, by keeping His commandments of love, by...
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Stop Lying
Lying is evil and lying lips are an abomination (disgusting/unclean) to the Lord. God hates lying tongue, and false witness who tells lies. Do not agree to lie, but always...
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What is Biblical Confession?
Everything God said and created is good and everything will come to pass. If you stand on nothing in a particular bible verse, that’s what you get nothing in particular....
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Religion of Words
Your life will go out of control and direction if you lose control of the words you speak. Playing with words is like playing with fire as tongue/words is fire....
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Confession Works
Confession alone does not bring victory in your life, but without confession of God’s Word or God’s given promises, there will be no victorious possession of God’s promises. Planting a...
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What the New Testament church looks like
New Testament church is all about being united in one faith, filled with the Holy Spirit, loving one another, flowing in the will of God and preaching the good news...
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When you are blessed, how can you be cursed? It's not about your prayer, fasting that you are blessed, but it is God's Grace. You have access to God (Father)...
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Faith to Faith
We should live by Faith and not by our feelings and faith is believing what God said and acting it out. Also, only faith pleases God and having faith in...
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HWJL – How Would Jesus Love?
No matter what attitude people towards you, you show good/love towards them and pray for them. Love like Jesus loves. One command has all commands, the command of LOVE. Love...
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