God’s Answer to Debt – Part 2
Our God is a debt cancelling God, so live a faithful life and have confidence in God. Also have a plan and commit it to the Lord for His support as when you have vision, God will provide provision.
Knowing your Enemy & Using your Authority – Part 6
We, believers, have authority on earth as we have the right to use the name of Jesus. So don't just know your authority but use your authority.
Knowing your Enemy & Using your Authority – Part 5
We are the children of God and we are not fighting with no-bodies nor the devil because God has won our victory. The Lord our God is our Father who helps and guides us all the way through whereby we must use our authority that God has given us to fight the devil out of our lives.
Knowing your Enemy & Using your Authority – Part 3
We have the authority and power to cast out devil because the devil has no power over us until we allow him to, whereby if the devil can have your tongue, he can have your life, so don't allow him to because the one who is in us, is greater than the things of the world.
Knowing your Enemy & Using your Authority – Part 2
Know and Understand your Authority to fight your enemy as our fight is not against the flesh but against the spirit. So use the weapons of God that is Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Faith, Salvation< Word of God and Prayer to fight your enemy.
Knowing your Enemy & Using your Authority – Part 1
Our Fight is with no-bodies, but with the devil. We are to defeat the devil. The most powerful weapon is your tongue, speak it, defeat the devil.
Righteousness From God – Part 2
Jesus made me right before God's given right. God in his righteousness brings favor over your life. Always seek what is right in God's eyes.
Righteousness From God -Part 1 – Brother Bryan Prasad
We are not Righteous by our works but by having faith in what Jesus did for us. So as Righteous we should do what is right in God's eyes and do good works and do right. We need to renew our minds by renewing the information that we feed in.
Doing the Word of God – Brother Bryan Prasad
Keep practicing and doing the Word of God, what he has said because it will produce at the end. If you don't change your thinking, you can't live the thinking. Thoughts that run your Mind are the thoughts that rule your mind.
God Loves to be Believed – Unbelief – Part 2
Jesus made me right before Gods the God-given right. God in His righteousness brings favor over your life. Always seek what is right in God's eyes.
God Loves To Be Believed
God loves to be believed, so listen and do what God said in His Word to have Faith in Him. As unbelief is being rebellion to God's Word, disappoints God and can stop mighty miracles in your life. Also, do not base your faith on miracles but in the word of God.
A Life Without God – Part 2
Without Him you can successfully do NOTHING! But one can do all things through Christ/the Word of God. The old is made new when we consume ourselves to God's presence by being constant in His Words and by Faith no matter what the situation is.
A Life Without God
A life without God is a life without His Word, make your life pleasing to God in order for His Holy presence to dwell in you, to make you whole. Read His Word, spend time with Him and enjoy His presence with peace and His Holiness.
The Word of God and Faith is Inseparable
Every believer of Jesus is in a fight and that fight is a fight of faith. Finish what you have started because God rewards finishers. Faith shouldn't be a substitution to the things of the world. believe in God, have faith in Him and every other things will surely fall into.
Asking in Faith
Have Faith in God, asking and believing what He has promised in His Word. Asking in faith get results and if you ask in faith, believing and trusting in His Word, whatever you have asked, you will come to pass
Don’t Throw Away Your Faith – Part 2
Don't let go of your faith, hold to it. Trust in God and wait for Him to speak and hold on to His promises that He has provided for you because Faith is the assurance in God who is almighty and powerful than all of us.
Don’t Throw Away Your Faith
Don't let go of your faith, hold to it. Trust in God and wait for Him to speak and hold on to His promises that He has provided for you because Faith is the assurance in God who is almighty and powerful than all of us.
Faith Comes by Hearing
Have faith in God and put your trust in Him as God is faithful and is not a mam that He should lie. Every word God said and His promises will surely come to pass, so hold on and do not give up. Hence, hear, understand and do God's Word to have Faith in God.
Have Faith in God
Have faith in God and put your trust in Him as God is faithful and is not a mam that He should lie. Every word God said and His promises will surely come to pass, so hold on and do not give up. Hence, hear, understand and do God's Word to have Faith in God.
Why are You Hiding?
Not any men or women can hide anything from God because He knows it all. The more truthful your life is, the more beautiful your life will become, just believe and trust in God.
Don’t Faint
You don't need human being to find strength but find strength in God like David did. Find out what God said about you. Whatever God is going to tell you today, He has already told you. God will only say what He already said. Do not get tired of doing good.
Let the Peace of God Rule in your Mind
Jesus found Himself in scriptures (Prophecies in the old Testament). What you do not know, you would not do. If you do not know what’s available for you, you would not claim. Bible is full of claims. Find out who are in Christ Jesus according to the scriptures. God does not see you but Christ in you and what the blood has done for you. Everything God wants you to have it has been provided in Christ Jesus. There is something amazing when you sit and talk bible.
Thoughts of God
Jesus found Himself in scriptures (Prophecies in the old Testament). What you do not know, you would not do. If you do not know what’s available for you, you would not claim. Bible is full of claims. Find out who are in Christ Jesus according to the scriptures. God does not see you but Christ in you and what the blood has done for you. Everything God wants you to have it has been provided in Christ Jesus. There is something amazing when you sit and talk bible.
Faith is Not Double-Minded
Jesus found Himself in scriptures (Prophecies in the old Testament). What you do not know, you would not do. If you do not know what’s available for you, you would not claim. Bible is full of claims. Find out who are in Christ Jesus according to the scriptures. God does not see you but Christ in you and what the blood has done for you. Everything God wants you to have it has been provided in Christ Jesus. There is something amazing when you sit and talk bible.
Finding Yourself in the Scriptures
Jesus found Himself in scriptures (Prophecies in the old Testament). What you do not know, you would not do. If you do not know what’s available for you, you would not claim. Bible is full of claims. Find out who are in Christ Jesus according to the scriptures. God does not see you but Christ in you and what the blood has done for you. Everything God wants you to have it has been provided in Christ Jesus. There is something amazing when you sit and talk bible. Our approval/rating does not come from people’s comment/likes but from God (scriptures). Be natural – Let people see the real you. You cannot go beyond the scriptures. Teach your child, word of God and they will be found in the temple of God.
21st Century Reformation: Deceptions & Doctrines – Part 2
To be strong in my faith, I need to have knowledge and understanding of the Word of God. God is a God of law and principles. It’s not all about you but about principles. Do not abuse the grace of God with fleshly desires. There can be nothing worse than a believer who does not read. If you are spiritually blunt, then you do not read the Word of God. Follow the instructions, the manual (Bible) has all the answers.

The 5 guideline Principles
1.Read the Scriptures
2.Understand the scriptures
3.Meditate the scriptures
4.Speak the scriptures
5.Do the scriptures
21st Century Reformation: Deceptions & Doctrines
To be strong in my faith, I need to have knowledge and understanding of the Word of God. God is a God of law and principles. It’s not all about you but about principles. Do not abuse the grace of God with fleshly desires. There can be nothing worse than a believer who does not read. If you are spiritually blunt, then you do not read the Word of God. Follow the instructions, the manual (Bible) has all the answers.

The 5 guideline Principles
1.Read the Scriptures
2.Understand the scriptures
3.Meditate the scriptures
4.Speak the scriptures
5.Do the scriptures
21st Century Reformation – The Gift of the Holy Spirit
You cannot live a life that is pleasing to God unless you let God help you with living in you. On the eighth day, (First day of the week - Sunday) when the Holy Spirit came, God went back to work. God made the world, then man, but now through His Holy Spirit, He is making a new creation righteous man for the new world. Salvation is not enough, as boldness does not come without being filled with the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit will give you words, but you need to speak it. Our life changes when we receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. We should be so filled with the Holy Spirit that when sin comes, we know that it's not from God.
21st Century Reformation – Awakening to the Person and Ministry of the Holy Spirit – Part 2
Holy Spirit makes you Bold! God anointed Jesus to be a giver and at the same time to go about healing people. Start worshiping God before He blesses you, not after He blesses you. Jesus came proclaiming freedom from all bondage. God is a ever present God (Through the Holy Spirit). Holy Spirit makes Jesus real to you. Holy Spirit helps you to talk like and act like Jesus. Holy Spirit gives you strength. Holy Spirit helps you to receive the fruit of the Spirit.
21st Century Reformation – Awakening to the Person and Ministry of the Holy Spirit
If you have the Holy Spirit, then living a holy life will not be a hard thing for you as the Holy Spirit is a Spirit of grace. Holy Spirit reminds you of things that God has said for you. Gifts of the Holy Spirit are not only for you to own but it’s for others. Don’t you ever live your life in weakness because you have the power of the Holy Spirit. You cannot mention the Holy Spirit without mentioning the supernatural. Your faith should not be in the wisdom of man, but in the power of God (Holy Spirit)
Rapture Mystery Revealed
There is a difference between the coming of Christ (rapture) and the day of the Lord and God will come like a thief in the day of the Lord and not during rapture (He will not come as a thief for the church). Live a righteous life and be prepared to present you holy and acceptable to Jesus Christ on the day of rapture. Encourage and comfort one another that we will not go through God’s judgement (tribulation) but will go with Jesus Christ in the rapture.
Prepared for Jesus coming
Believe and live each day as if Jesus is coming today. Hence, your attitude will be different. Prepare in prayer, word of God, by keeping His commandments of love, by dying to the desires of your carnal nature that's being against God’s commands. Your life will be cleaner in thoughts and action, if you truly believe that Jesus is coming. Prepare yourself by living a pure/holy life as Jesus is coming for a church, that is without spot or wrinkle. Keep yourself in faith and in the Word of God as His word sanctifies us. Commit yourself to God’s keeping grace. Offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God every day of your life.
Stop Lying
Lying is evil and lying lips are an abomination (disgusting/unclean) to the Lord. God hates lying tongue, and false witness who tells lies. Do not agree to lie, but always agree on the truth. The devil deceives the world/people through lies. When God speaks, it’s the truth and when the devil speaks, it’s the lie. So what are you speaking? Sin came into the world through lying and deception. Lying primary purpose is to deceive, therefore lying is a deception and the deceiver is the devil. Let no one deceive you. If you are just hearers of the word and not doers, you are a liar. If you deny that Jesus is the Christ, you are a liar. If you say you love God but does not love your brother or sister, you are a liar. Lie is a lie and there are consequence of lying. Let God be true and every man a liar, hence believe that God and His word is true. Lying is a sin. Don’t grieve the Holy Spirit by lying.
What is Biblical Confession?
Everything God said and created is good and everything will come to pass. If you stand on nothing in a particular bible verse, that’s what you get nothing in particular. God framed the world by His words, hence you can frame your world by your words. Speak in line with the Word of God. Hold fast to the Biblical confession.
Religion of Words
Your life will go out of control and direction if you lose control of the words you speak. Playing with words is like playing with fire as tongue/words is fire. Think before you speak. Uncontrolled words are always wrong, immoral, unjust, unrighteous. Words can spoil, defile and dirty your whole body. Words spoken without guidance, can destroy upcoming generations and nature itself as a whole with the force and fire from hell. There is no taming of the tongue. Your tongue cannot be tamed by man, so once the damage is done, there is no restoration. The tongue is uncontrollably bad, evil, worthless, and full of deadly poison.
Confession Works
Confession alone does not bring victory in your life, but without confession of God’s Word or God’s given promises, there will be no victorious possession of God’s promises. Planting a seed in the ground only, does not guarantee a harvest, but without planting a seed, there wouldn’t be any harvest. Confession is not all it takes but without
confession there will be no manifestation. Confession of God’s Word brings focus and direction to work on. Confession helps you to renew your mind. Confession of God’s promises activates faith into motion to get me my Spiritual promotion of the notion I made by confession. Never confess what it is but what you want to be.
What the New Testament church looks like
New Testament church is all about being united in one faith, filled with the Holy Spirit, loving one another, flowing in the will of God and preaching the good news of Jesus Christ.
When you are blessed, how can you be cursed?
It's not about your prayer, fasting that you are blessed, but it is God's Grace. You have access to God (Father) through Jesus Christ - God's grace. So go to Him boldly to receive His favour (you have grace through Christ). Working on the gifts is the answer, not gossiping. Gossip information causes fights, Spirit information brings unity
Faith to Faith
We should live by Faith and not by our feelings and faith is believing what God said and acting it out. Also, only faith pleases God and having faith in God means living in God's favor.
HWJL – How Would Jesus Love?
No matter what attitude people towards you, you show good/love towards them and pray for them. Love like Jesus loves. One command has all commands, the command of LOVE. Love never ever hurts anybody. The gifts of God follows Love. the reason for gifts exist is Love. Obeying in Love, be in word for Love. Love like Jesus.
The Mercy of the Lord God
God is a merciful Father and we are saved through his mercy and not through our works. So come boldly and ask God to have mercy on you. You are a righteous person now, so do righteous work and sin no more.

Our Father sees us from His mercy covering, He sees our sins no more but that doesn't give us the right to sin. We are to live the righteous gift we are given through the righteous works. Jesus settle our salvation once and for all. We have Eternal Redemption, Spirit's inheritance.
Blood Covering – Part 2
Sin stops us from seeing God but Jesus reconciled us with God through His blood, hence, we are saved through His Blood. In Jesus, there is life so have faith in Him and in His blood to live a righteous and abundant life. We are no more a sinner in Christ
Blood Covering
God has covered us with His blood and remitted our sins, clothed us with salvation and His righteousness. Therefore, do not think you will get sick or cannot get rich or worry about tomorrow but rejoice always. Have faith in god and speak the word of God. always remember you are anointed and God will definitely answer your prayers.
If it was not so, He would have told you – Part 2
Salvation/Eternal life is more important than anything else, hence God is important than our healing and our problems. Also God does not test us by giving us sickness and neither he allows anything in our life beyond our capacity to overcome.
Therefore don't blame God for anything and don't leave God for anything.
If it was not so, He would have told you
There is no special days for you to receive your healing. healing happens everyday. Sin is breaking the law. When you know the power of the Holy Spirit - nothing will be able to touch you.
Faith should Control Your Tongue
Moving by Faith and not by thoughts. Do not talk about the mountain but talk to the mountain, (Mountain will move). When Faith controls your tongue - you will say it happen. Your father knows all your needs. Speak only what is right.
FAITH should control Your Thinking
The more you see what Jesus has done on the cross for you, the more you will experience divine health in your bodies.

We need to renew our mind with the word of God - the way you think affects your behavior

Your thoughts determine your life (Don't let your thoughts control you). Faith should control your thinking.
Importance of Fruit Bearing – Part 2
The parable of the sower explains the ground which can bear fruit and which cannot bear it.
Different grounds explains different situations in life, but God want us to be the good ground where we become fruitful and grow more in Him.
The Purpose and Power of the Seed – Part 4
God wants you to a tree that bears fruit and not only be a tree with leaves. For a tree is usually recognized by its fruit. A pawpaw tree should bear pawpaw and not any other fruit. God wants us to be fruitful.
Faith is a Lifestyle
You root yourself in the Word of God by meditating on, His law or Word day and night. When you read His Word, you have to believe what He promises you. You already have some faith in you, do not fear or doubt God. All of us can be fruitful always just like each fruit bears at its right season. You HAVE to live by Faith, there's no two ways about it.
Your Harvest is locked up in the Seed – Part 2
God is looking for honour. What is your offering like? Is it polluted? Offer the best to God. Sow to become rich, to have command for nations, to bless others, to become manufacturers. Why should others be the ones becoming great, what about you? Keep sowing, keep giving, to anointing, to people, this is the key to the opening of your prosperity.
Your Harvest is locked up in the Seed
Man determine how much he eats, depending on how much he sows. You don’t sow, you don’t eat. God is a seed minded God. He saved all the animals by seven during the flood, to keep seed alive upon the face of the earth. As sure as the day and night remains, so will seed time and harvest. Your harvest comes when you sow seed. Whatever you’re earning is your seed, that has to be sown to bring the harvest that will meet all your needs.
You Create Your Life With Your WORDS
You shouldn't tithe for profit, you tithe because you love the Lord. When you talk faith with each other , God hears it and angels are writing a book of remembrance about you. Is there a book of remembrancer about you? You're created in God's image, who is the Creator. You create your life with your words. Do all things without murmuring and disputing. Don't have a stinky, cockroach eating, bad attitude. Be like your Father God.
Treating Faith as a Seed and Sowing it by Saying it
The Kingdom of God (Luke 17:21) which is within me. You don’t look for Jesus, you need the Word, the seed. When I need God, I go to the Word. The Word is near you, in your mouth and in your mind. When it’s in abundance, in your mind, it will come out of your mouth. If you confess the Word of God, you will be the Word of God and if you believe it, you will confess it. Jesus is the Word. Confess, believe and confess God’s Word.
Faith – Word (Seed)
When you have trials, tribulations, distress and frustration be of good cheer, take courage, be confident, certain undaunted, for Jesus says "I have overcome the world, I have deprived it of power to harm you and have conquered it for you. Have confidence in God and His Word. Your faith in God and His Promises conquers the world.
The Just (Righteous Ones) Live by FAITH – Part 4
Your faith will do you no good if it’s not mixed with actions. If you’re convinced by the Word, you speaking in line with the Word of God. the Word of God is tasty when you consistently meditating on it. The Word of God will hurt your flesh but if you continue in praise and worship, the Word will become tasty like honey in the rock.
The Just (Righteous Ones) Live by FAITH – Part 3
The Lord is my shepherd, my provider, my financies, my rewarder. He is capable to take care of all my needs. He loves me too much. I refuse to be the same. I will be bold, strong because God is my supplier. I will be blessed everywhere I go and because I live by Faith, He commands blessings to me.
The Just (Righteous Ones) Live by FAITH – Part 2
You cannot have faith without God’s Word. Faith works through Love. Keeping the law (circumcision) or not keeping the law (uncircumcision) does not matter but faith through love is the most important. Do you trust that God loves, provides, cares for, protects you, etc. So lost in God’s love, Eveready to believe anything God says irrespective of what faith sees and feels right now, this is the nature of faith.
The Just (Righteous Ones) Live by FAITH
You cannot believe Jesus and not follow after Jesus. Don’t make excuses, Jesus is the only way to life. You cannot be ashamed, about Christ in private and in public. Be persuaded about Jesus. When you believe in Jesus, you pass from death unto life, you’re declared righteous from all things that were wrong. Having faith in God is believing that you have received what you believed God for.
Righteous as God sees them
God's confidential communion and secret counsel are with the uncompromisingly righteous. The Lord will not allow the righteous to go hungry. The righteous will never beg for bread, they are merciful and deal graciously; they lend, and their offspring are blessed. They always take things to someone, they're natural givers. The memory of the uncompromisingly righteous is blessed
Walk in the Spirit as the Righteous One’s Do
Your weakness is that you don't know. Church people should be the most loving, truthful, faithful and richest. How many time do you spend reading and studying the bible? No scriptural knowledge makes you weak. Wisdom comes from the Word of God. God sees you as Jesus. Hold onto the promises of God with your life.
Uncompromisingly Righteous – Part 2
Train your mind, train your thoughts through the Word of God. When you call yourself righteous, you should have actions that support that. The prayer of the righteous man makes tremendous power available (dynamic in its working)... (James 5:16 AMP). Babe believers only drink milk but strong believers eat the meat of the Word of God (the knowledge of righteousness). They're Righteousness conscious.
Uncompromisingly Righteous – Part 1
Adam died spiritually then he died physically. Jesus also dies spiritually first, then he died physically. If you're made right in the Spirit, you're also made alive in the physical. There was a time when God was not Jesus' father, that's when Jesus was on the Cross with our sins but when Jesus rose again, God became His Father again. Know who you are in God the Father. You are loved by God, you don't have to hide anymore. Believe God for everything,, nothing is impossible with Him.
Dominion Life with Fellowship
Be there as a beacon, a light in the world. If you want to determine in this world, we are to decrease and Jesus increase. Know that God is always there and that you don't have to be alone.
Holy Spirit – The Spirit of Truth
Despite all the lies, the world is passing away. Study to show yourself approved unto God. You should know what you believe and stand firm on it. You need not be ashamed to rightly divide the word of truth. The devil is the liar and murderer and he speaks lies from his own resources. In the latter times, some will deviate from the truth and depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demon and professional liars. Live a life knowing the truth and living the truth.
Being like the Macedonians and not the Corinthians
The way out of the depth of your poverty, is giving faithfully to God. The Philippians kept giving and kept receiving. Paul taught about giving because he knew God will take care of the givers life. Paul seek the fruit that abounds to their accounts. Their offering sent a sweet aroma and was pleasing to God, because they gave from their heart.
Holy Spirit – Fervent in Spirit
Don’t let people speak you down. Love for other things will make you grow lukewarm. Don’t just have a form of godliness and no power. Don’t be a good pretender. Be boiling hot and expect good things. You’re baptized with the Holy Ghost and FIRE! God is a God of consuming fire. Pray, forgive, worship, speak with Holy Spirit and fire. God desires sacrifice and offering with fire.
Holy Spirit’s Dwelling – Part 3
Make a decisive dedication of your body to God as your reasonable worship. The temple is always separated from the world. You’re the temple. He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying. Keep giving yourself to the Holy Spirit everyday, not only once. When the Holy Spirit is in you, you know things, your life, your speech, your crowd will change. You will live out of the
supernatural, naturally.
Holy Spirit – Being a Witness – Part 2
Be not ashamed to testify of our Lord Jesus and His Grace. When you’re put to challenge, or death because of the testimony, you will overcome by the blood of Lamb and the Word of your testimony. Death does not matter. He that hath the Son, hath life. He that does not have the Son, does not have life.
Holy Spirit – Guidance – Part 1
Faith without works is dead. Be a doer of the Word. Jesus was ‘faithing’ - acting out what you believe. In God there is no loss, there is only restoration. The speaker of the church is the Holy Spirit. Victory only comes after tests. Don’t be afraid of tests as they bring out testimonies.
Healing – The Value of Patience – Part 3
Have faith, patience and rejoice whenever you face trials of many kinds and God will richly reward you at the end, you will surely receive what he has promised.
Healing – The Value of Patience – Part 2
Faith is working until you get healed. The will of God is the promises of God. Don’t look for reason - have patience. Your Faith should be in the ‘NOW’ for things to happen immediately. Patience is prolonged Faith.
Healing – The Value of Patience – Part 1
Your blessing, your healing, your proserity is in you through Jesus. Is is part of you. You don’t look for it. It’s part of you. Jesus is healing, blessings, prosperity, etc. He is already in you and part of you. He and everything He is, is in you. All you have to do is stay consistent in your confession and trust in God’s faithfulness. Be constant in patience, in healing, everyday.
Abraham grew strong as he gave praise to the One who is faithful. Let God be in control, live a “dead” but alive to Christ life.
Healing is God’s Will
You should respect God. Honor God with His Word. Read the bible until the Word of God reads you, and gives you revelation (rhema) then you life will be changed. The devil is the accuser of the brethren, so be in God’s presence through prayer daily. Don’t take your eyes off Jesus. Keep your eyes on Jesus and you will never slip, never drown never backslide. Keep praying like you've never prayed before. Give up your mistaken tone of distrust and despair to God, then God will give you again a settled place of quiet and safety and you will be His minister. Separate the precious from the vile. Cleanse your own heart from unworthy and unwarranted suspicions concerning God’s faithfulness.
Healing – Victory over death-sickness
Look straight to Jesus and He will straighten out your life. There are only two voices that affect you. The voice of the devil or the voice of God. The reason you have problems is you’re hearing the devil and not reading the bible to hear God’s voice. As long as you stay in righteousness, you will enjoy life. In righteousness, you have the mind of Christ/God. As a born again, I have the mind of God. In righteousness, we live in the BS (before sin) of life. The perfect life in which Adam lived before sinning/disobeying God. In the perfect life, Adam had the mind of God. He named all the animals, he didn't need to go to the university, he knew where all the gold was, he knew how to read and write because, he had the mind of God. If death is sickness, then life is health. If you keep God’s Words which are life, you will be in good health. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life (health). He came to give us health in abundance. So, why are you sick? In Him was life (health), so, you who receive abundance of grace, and of the gift of righteousness shall reign in life (health) by one, Jesus Christ. Jesus suffered death, suffered sickness for every man. Therefore, we who know this, cannot ever be suffering sickness to death. He has destroyed the power of death and sickness. God gives life to dead dreams, dead body (like Abraham’s), dead bones, dry life, against all hope. Change comes in your life, relationship, families when you prophecy life unto them. Jesus is the High Priest of my confession. What are you confessing? Open your mouth wide and confess life over you life. CONFESS, BELIEVE AND RECEIVE. Sometimes your miracle is in how long you will stand the test of faith. Stand firm in your faith in Him. Stand firm in Righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost. Jesus has conquered sickness, so you have healing which is victory over death.
Healing – The Spiritual Reality
If you’re not full of the Holy Spirit, it’s the evil spirit that will affect you. Stop getting entertained with secular/worldly ways and songs. You affect God’s Kingdom by faith and the devils kingdom by fear. Whatever you bind/lose in the physical world is bound/loosed in heaven, the spiritual world. Activate God’s Kingdom in your life. Bind all the demonic spirits bringing chaos in your life. Seek God first daily, confess don’t hide stuff. Pride makes you hide. Humility makes you confess.
Healing – Abraham’s blessings are mine
You’re an inheritor of the blessing of Abraham by faith in God. Sickness is an oppression of the devil. Healing is Abraham’s blessing. Abundant increase of favors belongs to the child of God. Your name will be famous and distinguished, and you will be a blessing, dispensing good to others. When you’re blessed, you bless people. I will be a blessing starting from home.
Healing – Knowing the will of God
Refuse to be sick in your life. Sickness is demonic oppression. Get your healing from God and refuse to be tormented. Be in covenant with God, believe in His Will for your life. Your protection lies under the shadow of the Almighty. God has immerse creative Power, for your disabled situations.
The Supernatural begins with a Change
How can you change?
1. Grow up;
You need pure milk of the Word of God. Keep at it and you will grow. In order to be strong, you need to be consistent. Lack of the Word of God will block your supernatural life and makes you big weak Christians.
2. Change your Information;
(morph) - learn something else (God’s Word). Faith’s enemy is NOT the devil, it is the in disciplined hearing. The information you need is in the Word of God.
3. Change your Habits;
Follow God’s instruction. there’s power, freedom in God’s Word. To change your habits, you need to replace it with something else. Replace the old with the new. Replace fear by saying God has not given me a spirit of fear.
What is True Biblical Warfare – Part 2
Your Spirit is already saved. Never fight each other. We don't fight people. If you don't know the Word, how will you say the Word?. Our mind, our thoughts are our worst enemies, not the devil, for the devil is already defeated. Stronghold are mindsets. You are the one directing your life. Pull down strongholds. The Holy Spirit will convict you of Righteousness Christ has redeemed us from the curse. Use your Spirit to bring your body under.
What is true Biblical Warfare – Part 1
You have to cast ALL of your cares, worries, problems to Jesus. If you don't, you have pride. God only gives grace to the humble but He resists the proud. Come under God's grace and resist the devil. The devil wants your body to carry out his dirty evil plans, he comes in when you open the door for him. Give your body to God instead to do His greater works. The devil is still out there, "you occupy", meaning you're just enforcing the victory. We don't fight people. We don't use physical weapons for war. We pull down strongholds of imaginations, high thoughts against the knowledge of God and bringing it into captivity. We don't take wrong thoughts. The battle is in the mind. Take upon you the whole armor of God. Know that God is in you, you are not alone, you only need to bow your head and talk to God. The devil is afraid, because you know God is in you, so, when you pray, the devil trembles and runs away. Know your authority, you don't have to shout at the devil, you just speak, it runs away because of God's presence. When you're in the Word of God, there's a sweet fragrance about you, that, the devil fears. But when you are not in prayers, worship and word, there's a stench about you which attracts the devil. Know more about God by reading, worshiping and meditating on the Word. Be immersed in the pure love of God, allow Him to wear you, to be everything He is through you.
Guard Your Thoughts Carefully
Avail your thoughts to line up with God’s thoughts. Pray that NEVER at anytime, your thoughts does not line up with God’s thoughts. Your thoughts come into your life, through 2 gates. The Eye and the Ear gate. The more you watch horror movies, the more your mind is trained with fear. This, forms thoughts and imaginations. Guard your thoughts. Defeat old thoughts, with God’s thoughts, what God says or thinks about your life, your marriage, etc.
Use the Faith that the Lord has given you – Part 5
Everything/Anything without Jesus is futile. Your breakthrough is in the mouth of a true prophet and not the fake ones. So, honour the true prophet/man of God. Honour is important. When you find a true prophet, stay there, believe the Word because it is God speaking. Reasons can hinder you. The same Holy Spirit is speaking. Believe in God and you will be established, believe in the True Prophet and you will prosper. Be saturated/immersed in the Word of God, everyday of your life.
Use the Faith that the Lord has given you – Part 4
The expression of Faith is in the doing of the Word, Not only in the hearing.
But without APPLIED/DOING/PRACTISED faith, it is impossible to please God. Apply
believing faith (apply and do) faith. Apply what you know about God in your speech, in your actions. Applied faith is the substance, the foundation required for meeting my needs. Speak your solutions not your problems. For God to do a miracle, faith has to be there.
Use the Faith that the Lord has given you – Part 3
When the Spirit of the Lord is moving in you, there will be a trance, a sound of Faith. Allow God to flow freely in your life, release the choke, let the life of God flow. Make a move, take the Bible, and mark what God has revealed to you in His Word. He is our source, our healer. Like Bartemeus, his faith had a sound which is “Yeshua, Son of David...” All poisons of lack, fear, anxieties need to be turned to the cross. There was so much noise, but Jesus only heard the cry of Faith of Bartemeus. This is faith in action. The miracle working Jesus, responds only to faith. Faith says to ‘lack’ or ‘pain’, “Lack, who are you? get out of here!” Faith, says,”I will get all my body parts back, fully restored.
Use the Faith that the Lord has given you – Part 2
The biggest problem to Faith is your sense of knowledge. When you’re made righteous, you have to show righteousness. Confessing I believe, I believe, with NO supporting actions, puts you in the same categories as the devils. Even the devils believe there is a God, but that doesn't change their actions. Therefore, faith/believing works when it has corresponding actions. Faith is not faith, if it stands alone. Your words and actions must support what you believe in.
Use the Faith that the Lord has given you
“All things are possible to me, because I believe.” “I am careful for nothing, but this is one thing I do, I sit at the feet of Jesus and I hear Jesus.” Be definite in prayers. Don’t pray vague prayers. Whenever you doubt or waver, you lose control, because you’re driven by the wind. Double thinking makes you unstable in all your ways. Change the wiring of your mind, by feeding on the Word of God.
Trusting God – Part 3
We need to have the Word of God in our heart to be able to speak the Word of God. Verify where your trust is. Commit yourself to the Lord, trust Him, and He shall bring it to pass. The power is released when I speak the Word of God. Receive His Word and lay it in your heart, so that troubles is nothing, it doesn't affect you at all. The Word of God increases, grows, multiplies and prevails mightily.
Trusting God – Part 2
We need deliverance to cross over to our land of milk and honey. Do not speak against your boss or leader. Take your eyes off yourself and look to God. Look to the cross, put your eyes on God, for your leader, for your husband, for your family. Serve God by trusting Him with your money, with your life.
Trusting God – Part 1
Listen to what God says, trust in what He is saying to you rather than what the world is saying to you. Trust God with your life, your earning. Do not rely or lean on your own insight or understanding. In all your ways recognize and acknowledge Him, He will make straight and plain your paths.
God is Faithful
Like the raven, the blessing of the Lord (His provisions) maketh rich. The constitution of the Jewish Nation is the first five books of the Bible, that's why they're the most educated/intelligent people. Have you read the whole Bible in these numbers of years you've been in church? God is Faithful, who also will do it, ALL will come to pass (His Promises and His Oath) will come to pass.
Sons of God
Receive the healing that God gives you. His love is much more greater than the love that is in the world.
God always answers prayer, thus pray in faith and continually, give thanks. Speak to your
problem by speaking the Word of God. Its all about studying the Word of God and confessing His Word.
Living Right – Part 6
Just doing what is right in God’s eyes brings God’s favor on you. God will bless the uncompromisingly righteous. Because I have the very righteous of God, I speak, live, think rightly. He gives us His Holy Spirit to live righteously like Jesus. The devil is attacking you on your righteousness, the breastplate of righteousness that protects your heart. The eyes, ears, blessing of the Lord are upon the righteous. My memory is blessed because of the righteous Word of God. Pledge the allegiance to the King, no compromise.
Living Right – Part 5
The Word and Jesus should be number one in your life. When sin rules, there’s death.
Righteousness opens me up to receive grace. For grace to rule, you have to operate in the
righteousness of God. Because I am wearing the Coat of Righteousness, I have the right to claim (Isaiah 54:17). Don’t be ashamed of God’s Righteousness on you. Jesus gave me a coat of many colors (Righteousness). It’s a (sickness, poverty, lack) proof righteousness. Don’t take off the coat, it is your protection, favor, grace, your everything. Grace only flows, when you’re in righteousness
Living Right – Part 4
When God touches you, you just want to do right in His eyes. You laugh with people, you don’t laugh at people. Your righteousness is seen, just like faith is seen. Be the few that do
righteously, in God’s eyes. When you do right, the family, town, the nation is protected. God judges to do, by the righteous. God will not destroy the righteous. The Lord knows how to
deliver/save the righteous from the tests and troubles.
Living Right – Part 3
God’s plans are the Blessed Plans. Our Heavenly Father knows the plans He has for our lives. When we believe with the heart, we become righteous. God sees what you are believing - Pray Bible prayers. God sees your Act of Righteousness.
Living Right – Part 2
Take your eyes and attend to what is right, and you will be healed. You are the temple of Christ, live right through the Power of the Holy Spirit. Kill and destroy everything that is twisted and ungodly.
Living Right – Part 1
Before you can have peace, you have to be righteous. It is good if you are been persecuted for doing right, the Lord calls you blessed. God tells you the right stuff, satan tells you the wrong stuff. You hunger for righteousness with the Spirit of God and receive Power to destroy what is wrong. you can not live right without the power of the Holy Spirit. Come to God to help you to live right. Hunger to live, speak, think, desire, act, intend right.
Presenting your Body to God
Righteousness: hearing, speaking, thinking, living, right. You can live a righteous life by using the Grace of God in the morning. Your morning is very important, receive God’s Grace every morning in prayer. When sin is hidden, your sacrifice is to no avail.
Stay with the great God, the greatness will come about you. Come around God, and He will give the grace to do great and big things you’re rewarded in life for the problems you solve.
The sin of Unbelief
Only God can handle all your problems. Teach yourself the Word/ways of God. God helps me through teaching me. Keep yourself in the Word of God, prayer and anointing. The moment you stopped living by faith, you've stopped living. If I believe, ALL things are possible: you stagger at the promise of God because of unbelief. You have to believe in the promises of God. If you’re a believer, you are righteous. There is a rest for the children of God that you can enter.
The World Part 5
God chose Abraham because He knows Abraham will teach his children and so on. You do not fight with words, you fight in prayer, breakdown every wall in prayer. It is okay to be rich, but not to trust in it. Money is uncertain. Put your trust in God, your love in Jesus and the living God will give you richly ALL things TO ENJOY!. Give to God out of honor, give Him your best. During your giving, God’s eyes are on your heart not on your amount. Live a life where hear God. God put the desire for good things (health and wealth) in you.
The World Part 4
Keep God’s Word as the apple of your eyes, fix your eyes on the master, not on things. Be humble and not highminded, even if you are rich. Friendship of the world is enmity with God, in which the devil is ruling a system full of lies, cheating, murder, etc. You are the light in this world, and the difference should be clear to everyone. If you are blinded, you will be blinded in the things of God.
The World Part 3
The anxieties of the world will choke and suffocate the very thing that provides/heals/
protects you (the Word). Throw away anxieties/ worries. Follow the philosphy, rudiments,
truths of Jesus, NOT the one given by the world. Be an example of Jesus to your family. Roll your every care unto the Lord and He will establish your thoughts. Peace of God is nothing missing and nothing broken comes in the mind.
The World Part 2
You cannot serve God and money (wealth, riches, devil’s system). If you do not believe, you
are blinded, in faith, no word means no light in you. When you crave for money more than
the God, it will destroy you. Live your life as the child of God. You are God’s property. It is
worth standing for Jesus, He is more important than the whole world.
The World
Two things that were given by Jesus to the church is; Love so that you love God, love people. That’s all, just as Jesus loves you. Jesus loves God, obey Him and came to die to save people.
Second is the Holy Spirit: the devil always has counterfeit of God gave to His people, that is, For the love of God and people; the devil gives the love of the world. For the Holy Spirit: the ugly devil gives the spirit of fear and the spirit of the world, pulling people away from God.

Walk In The Spirit
There is great power in Walking in the spirit, led by the Holy Spirit rather than the flesh. The enemy of man is their Carnal flesh, and brother Bryan will help you see how to be led by the Word to live in victory over the carnal flesh.
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