Where Jesus Christ Is Lord

What we Believe

 To make strong believers who know God’s Word and walk in faith, in pleasing the master, who have a global vision of reaching to as many as they can with the healing and saving gospel of Christ, and in demonstration of the Holy Spirit.

“Something good will happen to you, everyday of your life as you live by faith and let the good shepherd Jesus lead you all the way through.”


If it was not so, He would have told you – Part 2
Salvation/Eternal life is more important than anything else, hence God is important than our healing and our problems. Also God does not test us by giving us sickness and neither he allows anything in our life beyond our capacity to overcome. Therefore don't blame God for anything and don't leave...

Word Works

Brother Bryan Prasad


And Jabez called on the God of Israel saying, “Oh, that You would bless me indeed, and enlarge my territory, that Your hand would be with me, and that You would keep me from evil, that I may not cause pain!” So God granted him what he requested.

1 Chronicles 4:10 (NKJV)

Thank You God of Israel,

“My Father, that You have blessed me indeed, and enlarged my territory, that Your hand is with me, and that You keep me from evil, that I may not be in pain!”
In Jesus Name

Praise the Lord,

He shall give His angels charge over you to keep you in all your ways.
In their hands they shall bear you up lest you dash your foot against a stone.

I thank God that He saved my children from accident on Monday, as not even as a scratch was made on them. God just protected my children.

Sister S

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