Faith to Faith
We should live by Faith and not by our feelings and faith is believing what God said and acting it out. Also, only faith pleases God and having faith in...
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HWJL – How Would Jesus Love?
No matter what attitude people towards you, you show good/love towards them and pray for them. Love like Jesus loves. One command has all commands, the command of LOVE. Love...
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The Mercy of the Lord God
God is a merciful Father and we are saved through his mercy and not through our works. So come boldly and ask God to have mercy on you. You are...
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Blood Covering – Part 2
Sin stops us from seeing God but Jesus reconciled us with God through His blood, hence, we are saved through His Blood. In Jesus, there is life so have faith...
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Blood Covering
God has covered us with His blood and remitted our sins, clothed us with salvation and His righteousness. Therefore, do not think you will get sick or cannot get rich...
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If it was not so, He would have told you – Part 2
Salvation/Eternal life is more important than anything else, hence God is important than our healing and our problems. Also God does not test us by giving us sickness and neither...
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If it was not so, He would have told you
There is no special days for you to receive your healing. healing happens everyday. Sin is breaking the law. When you know the power of the Holy Spirit - nothing...
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Faith should Control Your Tongue
Moving by Faith and not by thoughts. Do not talk about the mountain but talk to the mountain, (Mountain will move). When Faith controls your tongue - you will say...
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FAITH should control Your Thinking
The more you see what Jesus has done on the cross for you, the more you will experience divine health in your bodies. We need to renew our mind with...
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