The Purpose and Power of the Seed – Part 4
God wants you to a tree that bears fruit and not only be a tree with leaves. For a tree is usually recognized by its fruit. A pawpaw tree should...
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Faith is a Lifestyle
You root yourself in the Word of God by meditating on, His law or Word day and night. When you read His Word, you have to believe what He promises...
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Your Harvest is locked up in the Seed – Part 2
God is looking for honour. What is your offering like? Is it polluted? Offer the best to God. Sow to become rich, to have command for nations, to bless others,...
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Your Harvest is locked up in the Seed
Man determine how much he eats, depending on how much he sows. You don’t sow, you don’t eat. God is a seed minded God. He saved all the animals by...
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You Create Your Life With Your WORDS
You shouldn't tithe for profit, you tithe because you love the Lord. When you talk faith with each other , God hears it and angels are writing a book of...
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Treating Faith as a Seed and Sowing it by Saying it
The Kingdom of God (Luke 17:21) which is within me. You don’t look for Jesus, you need the Word, the seed. When I need God, I go to the Word....
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