Deceptions & Doctrines – Part 1
To be strong in my faith, I need to have knowledge and understanding of the Word of God. God is a God of law and principles. It’s not all about...
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Scriptural Understanding on the Person and Ministry of the Holy Spirit – Part 3
You can have the Holy Spirit by just asking God in Faith. Its the Father's pleasure to give me the Holy Spirit. When He (Holy Spirit) comes, all things becomes...
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Talk To Your Body
How do we know when we are dead to sin? If Christ is the Lord of our life, we are dead to our bodies. Holy Spirit is life -> He...
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God’s Answer to Debt – Part 4
It's God desire for us to be debt free as debt is not a way to go and there is a spirit behind it that can destroy you. Also, be...
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The Word of God and Faith is Inseparable
Every believer of Jesus is in a fight and that fight is a fight of faith. Finish what you have started because God rewards finishers. Faith shouldn't be a substitution...
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God’s Answer to Debt – Part 2
Our God is a debt cancelling God, so live a faithful life and have confidence in God. Also have a plan and commit it to the Lord for His support...
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Knowing your Enemy & Using your Authority – Part 6
We, believers, have authority on earth as we have the right to use the name of Jesus. So don't just know your authority but use your authority.
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Knowing your Enemy & Using your Authority – Part 5
We are the children of God and we are not fighting with no-bodies nor the devil because God has won our victory. The Lord our God is our Father who...
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Knowing your Enemy & Using your Authority – Part 3
We have the authority and power to cast out devil because the devil has no power over us until we allow him to, whereby if the devil can have your...
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