Make your request known to God and give thanks. “God answers Prayers.” “Study His Word.” You will not Pray if you don’t trust God. You Pray in faith and in God’s will. Know the Word so that you can speak to your problem.

It’s a waste of time if you praying in fear. You must believe what you are saying. If you don’t believe, you don’t pray. Confess God’s Word and speak positive words.

Two things you should know about the one you pray to;
– His ability to supply
– His willingness to give – thus, get to know His will first.

He is a faith God and honors His Word . Focus on the Word, it is the Word that gives you victory. You have a book (Bible) that can change your status. Its time to believe the Word of God. Be always ready – All you need is Holy Name and His Word. Don’t give attention to the devil. You must know your authority – You are the greater one. God has a greater plan for your life, believe and confess His Word. Write your dreams and vision. Whatever you set your hands on, will be blessed. We are anointed people.

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