If God didn’t want to heal you or provide for you, He would have told you. In order to live a healthy life, you need to learn. God does not change, he is same always.

God does not test you to know who you are, he knows everything. God is not the one who brings you problem. Its your choice, whether we allow God to work on our behalf or allow the devil. Greatest miracle is your soul being saved. Your salvation/soul is more important than healing.

Our faith humbles us, regardless of whatever we have or don’t have on this earth but we have hope and eternal life. Don’t leave God for anything because God is God and we need Him. God will now allow/permit anything beyond your capacity to overcome.

God does not test you by giving you sickness, He used to permit in old testament because of covenant. God is Spirit and He knows your heart. We already have healing, its all about your faith and words you speak to receive it.

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