Grace is not about license to sin, but about what God is and what He does with it. Grace is God’s part, what you receive is what God gives you, you did not receive grace, you received salvation.

Grace => favour, Grace is conditional, you need to believe to receive God’s favour. Without action/confession there is no reception.

If you want something, you need to ask God. There is no problem with God, it’s all about how you receive it. God did not save you by mercy, he saved you by grace, just because God was gracious, He saved you.

God showed you favour (grace) and you received mercy. The favour of God, always produces something (visible in your life). God is already gracious and favourable. All you need is to believe and receive it. Favour gives access.

It’s not through your good works, but through God’s grace we are going to heaven. You are already righteous in Christ, all you need to do is believe and live it.

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