God values humans more than animal as God lives in humans. Sin stops us from seeing God, but we can talk and see only through the blood. Animal’s blood covers sin (practiced in olden days) but Jesus’ blood takes away sin.

Obedience is not about feelings, it’s about God’s principles, doing things for God not man. Are you living a life that God can boast about you? If He is not your God, His blood will not protect you. Jehovah Jireh – God will see to it. He will see that you are provided for, protected, healed.

Don’t boast in your ability because you cannot do anything without God’s blood and holy Spirit. God has covenant with Jesus and we can be beneficiaries of this covenant by having Faith in Jesus.

Now we can go and God’s presence through Jesus’ blood. We are free from the bondage of sin. The more you practice righteousness, the more you live righteous life. The blood of Jesus has made us royalty. – If you have Jesus’ life, you have His Blood. Communion is a cup of blessing

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