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Living Right – Part 3
God’s plans are the Blessed Plans. Our Heavenly Father knows the plans He has for our lives. When we believe with the heart, we become righteous. God sees what you...
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Living Right – Part 2
Take your eyes and attend to what is right, and you will be healed. You are the temple of Christ, live right through the Power of the Holy Spirit. Kill...
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Living Right – Part 1
Before you can have peace, you have to be righteous. It is good if you are been persecuted for doing right, the Lord calls you blessed. God tells you the...
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Presenting your Body to God
Righteousness: hearing, speaking, thinking, living, right. You can live a righteous life by using the Grace of God in the morning. Your morning is very important, receive God’s Grace every...
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The sin of Unbelief
Only God can handle all your problems. Teach yourself the Word/ways of God. God helps me through teaching me. Keep yourself in the Word of God, prayer and anointing. The...
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The World Part 5
God chose Abraham because He knows Abraham will teach his children and so on. You do not fight with words, you fight in prayer, breakdown every wall in prayer. It...
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The World Part 4
Keep God’s Word as the apple of your eyes, fix your eyes on the master, not on things. Be humble and not highminded, even if you are rich. Friendship of...
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The World Part 3
The anxieties of the world will choke and suffocate the very thing that provides/heals/ protects you (the Word). Throw away anxieties/ worries. Follow the philosphy, rudiments, truths of Jesus, NOT...
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The World Part 2
You cannot serve God and money (wealth, riches, devil’s system). If you do not believe, you are blinded, in faith, no word means no light in you. When you crave...
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