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The Just (Righteous Ones) Live by FAITH
You cannot believe Jesus and not follow after Jesus. Don’t make excuses, Jesus is the only way to life. You cannot be ashamed, about Christ in private and in public....
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Righteous as God sees them
God's confidential communion and secret counsel are with the uncompromisingly righteous. The Lord will not allow the righteous to go hungry. The righteous will never beg for bread, they are...
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Walk in the Spirit as the Righteous One’s Do
Your weakness is that you don't know. Church people should be the most loving, truthful, faithful and richest. How many time do you spend reading and studying the bible? No...
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Uncompromisingly Righteous – Part 2
Train your mind, train your thoughts through the Word of God. When you call yourself righteous, you should have actions that support that. The prayer of the righteous man makes...
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Uncompromisingly Righteous – Part 1
Adam died spiritually then he died physically. Jesus also dies spiritually first, then he died physically. If you're made right in the Spirit, you're also made alive in the physical....
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Dominion Life with Fellowship
Be there as a beacon, a light in the world. If you want to determine in this world, we are to decrease and Jesus increase. Know that God is always...
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