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Holy Spirit – The Spirit of Truth
Despite all the lies, the world is passing away. Study to show yourself approved unto God. You should know what you believe and stand firm on it. You need not...
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Being like the Macedonians and not the Corinthians
The way out of the depth of your poverty, is giving faithfully to God. The Philippians kept giving and kept receiving. Paul taught about giving because he knew God will...
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Holy Spirit – Fervent in Spirit
Don’t let people speak you down. Love for other things will make you grow lukewarm. Don’t just have a form of godliness and no power. Don’t be a good pretender....
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Holy Spirit’s Dwelling – Part 3
Make a decisive dedication of your body to God as your reasonable worship. The temple is always separated from the world. You’re the temple. He that hath an ear, let...
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Holy Spirit – Being a Witness – Part 2
Be not ashamed to testify of our Lord Jesus and His Grace. When you’re put to challenge, or death because of the testimony, you will overcome by the blood of...
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Holy Spirit – Guidance – Part 1
Faith without works is dead. Be a doer of the Word. Jesus was ‘faithing’ - acting out what you believe. In God there is no loss, there is only restoration....
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Healing – The Value of Patience – Part 3
Have faith, patience and rejoice whenever you face trials of many kinds and God will richly reward you at the end, you will surely receive what he has promised.
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